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Mar 13, 2012 at 02:57 AM

SUP 2.1 Windows Mobile : Cannot update device database.


We are developing a Native Windows Mobile application using SUP 2.1.

We are interfacing to SAP using a custom BAPI. We have created multiple related MBOs based on the custom BAPI and can use it to populate the database on the hand held device. We are trying to make changes to the data in the device database and save them but so far we have not succeeded. The code we are using looks like...

PRODUCT prd = PRODUCT.FindByPrimaryKey("950242");

prd.brand = "Good";


(PRODUCT is a class in the SUP generated code and represents one of the MBOs created from the custom BAPI)

After execution we see no change to the device database. No errors are produced (that we can see). Essentially we want to be able store captured data while the application is off line.

Can we make changes to the local database and if so how?

We would be grateful for any help offered.