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Mar 12, 2012 at 06:47 PM

KM Bookmarks in BI portal returning variables incorrectly


Hi all. I am having a problem with KM Bookmarks on our BI 7 Portal. When we input the selection variables and generate the report, we then save it as a KM Bookmark. But when we pull the saved bookmark back up (using either Portal Favorites or BEx favorites) it returns the saved variable(s) back and also places them into the selection boxes that had no entry. Im stumped on why it is doing this.

For example, a report has 3 selection variables: Currency, Quarter and Sales Org. We enter 'USD' for currency, '20121' for Quarter and leave Sales Org blank. Report generates correctly, and we save it as a KM bookmark. Then, when we come back into the report and the selection screen displays, it has 'USD' in Currency, and both Sales Org and Quarter have '20121' in them. This is also happening in other reports with no rhyme or reason as to what variable gets placed into the selection options that were blank.

any help is appreciated...hope this noob is explaining it clearly. 😊