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Mar 12, 2012 at 05:50 PM

Stock Transfer using Rules Based ATP


Hello ALL,

I have maintained the setting for stock transfer reviewing the building block and also . It works fine that is STR are generated but the issue is with the MAD date at the sales order .

Tlanes are manually maintained in APO with duration as 11days between DC A and B .

Q) Sales order : Requested date Quantity Location

March 8th 2 A

RRP3 for material at A : The sales order date is March 8th and the Preq is on March 19th ( Which is correct as we have maintained 11 days )

RRP3 for material at B : Preqrel generated on March 8th .

Sales order confirmation : MAD date Quantity Location

March 8th 2 A

My question is when the sales orde is created with a requested date and saved it is trigerring a STOCK TRANSFER but the stock would not be avialable at Location A till March 19th but if we see at the sales order it is getting a MAD date of March 8th itself . How can it get a confirmation date of march 8th when the stock is gonna be on March 19th .


Aryan .