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Mar 09, 2012 at 12:28 PM

Relevance of CIF_IM* tables for APO



Could someone share with me details on the relevance of the CIF_IM* tables in R/3?

I understand that they are relevant during CIF related transfer, and also relevant during CCR to identify teh APO relevant master data/transaction data. Also, these tables must be relevant during GATP checks.

As per my understanding, the records in these tables must be getting created/updated when we activate an IM (integration model).

If someone has more detailed understanding of how the records in these tables are created, or get updated, and also in what kind of scenarios and when are they accessed, could you please share the same?

PS: Reason for asking is that there is a comment from the R/3 Basis team that this table is being accessed too many times, and could be causing performance issues in R/3. I have already run RCIFIMDL to delete the superfluous entries, but I am not able to think of way in which somehow the number to access to these tables could be reduced (Also don't know if that is even possible).

Thanks - Pawan