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RFC_CVI_EI_INBOUND_MAIN is not working

Dec 27, 2016 at 06:46 AM


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Hi Hana Experts,

Need help on this Function module named RFC_CVI_EI_INBOUND_MAIN.

The problem is it works if I use an existing customer in KNA1 but it does not work if I put a number that does not exist yet in KNA1.

As per my FI functional consultant this FM should work either with or without a corresponding customer number in KNA1. He even proposed that the BP Number in the import parameter named BPARTNER should be the same with the proposed customer number.

Please revert.



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2 Answers

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Former Member Apr 13, 2017 at 01:40 PM

Not sure if you were able to crack it.

I was able to create a vendor though, using RFC_CVI_EI_INBOUND_MAIN and created company code, withholding tax, purchasing and partner function views.

Yes, the RFC requires that the BP and customer or vendor number be the same. What I did was to call the RFC in insert mode (it_bp_general-object_task = 'I') and first create the BP, addresses, emails, tele, etc., without passing any of the supplier data. After the successful creation of BP (returned via ct_return-object_key), within the same session, I passed the BP number to vendor (lifnr) and changed the mode for bp_general to 'U', while maintaining it_sup_general-object_task = 'I'. In the next call to the same FM, I passed all supplier data (general, company, withholding tax, purchasing and partners).

You may give it a try and see if it works for you, good luck!

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Thank you for the feedback. We we're able to upload the BP. We have upgraded to HANA 1610 and applied the necessary SAP notes.



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Hi ,

Can you help me here ? The FM RFC_CVI_EI_INBOUND_MAIN is not sending any message in CT_RETURN but I can see BUT000 being updated.

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Former Member Oct 09, 2017 at 02:24 PM

I was able to get this working in the following way.
(Note that I have done this for Vendor-BP integration, but should not be any different for Customer).

First set all your customizing correct and verify that you are able to create Customer/Vendor linked to BP, online through BP transaction.
(No. range customizing is: Vendor - external no. range, BP - internal no. range)

Now to have the same working through RFC_CVI_EI_INBOUND_MAIN:
You have to do it in a sequence of 2 steps (in the same session) as suggested by gannesh20 above.

In the first call:
- Fill IT_BP_GENERAL with OBJECT_TASK = 'I' and other necessary details for BP.
- Fill IT_BP_ROLE with DATA_KEY = 'FLVN00' (for Vendor), and ROLECATEGORY = 'FLVN00' (for Vendor)
- Fill any other details you'd like for the BP, e.g., CATEGORY, GROUPING

Note the BP No. (Vendor No.) generated in CT_RETURN-OBJECT_KEY

In the second call:
- Fill IT_BP_GENERAL with BPARTNER = <Vendor No.>, OBJECT_TASK = 'U'
- Fill IT_SUP_GENERAL with LIFNR = <Vendor No.>, OBJECT_TASK = 'U'
- Fill any other details you'd like for the Vendor, e.g. KTOKK

Note: Keep RUN_ID same for all the internal tables filled.

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