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Mar 09, 2012 at 10:23 AM

STVN 3 SP1 SuccessionPlanning - use Titan_APPROVED to predefine input field


Dear group,

I need to preset the value for the status field of inputform Titan_Position_KeyPosition_Add to "APPROVED".

The field should be hidden and just pass the value the the function module call.

I found the validationtype Titan_APPROVED


which is having the definition

<cssclass>TitanHiddenInput FixedText</cssclass>

















Unfortunately the input field is not filled with "APPROVED" against my expectations. There is the equivalent validationconfiguration "Titan_NOMINATED" which is working fine filling the input field with "NOMINATED".

Does anybody know how or where this FixedText for "NOMINATED" is defined and why it is not working for "APPROVED" ?

Thanks a lot,