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May 23, 2005 at 02:53 PM

Delta Capability of FIAR Lineitems Datasource



We are facing some what tricky problem, that is Delta capability of FI Ar Lineitems datasource(0FI_AR_4)

(We r in development only)Let me explain in step by step way, I did initialisation so i got some 100 records lets take, and i did added 2 lineitems in source system so when i did delta i got those two , and next when i added two more records in source sytem and do delta then getting again 4 records in delta infact i have to get only 2 records na...? as i already loaded first added 2 records as part of first delta, its happening for all added new records i mean its getting cumulated in delta ,

so then i deleted initilasation and did init again for testing purpose, so then this time i got all records came which i added in in delta as well ,but surprsingly when i do delta its giving same number of records of old delta load(here i mean cumulated records i got in last delta be4 i had deleted Init) , briefly i can say about this here is my delta buffer is not getting freed even after load as well..what could be the reason??

I gone through all time stamp related tables like BWOM_SETTINGS, BWOM2_TIMEST i could observe those settings are as per SAP standard suggestion only i mean as per SAP notes, Please let me know if any body has faced this sort of problem earlier or if u know the solution .

My system details : PI : 2004_1_470 level 0002


<b>Many Many Thanks in Advance..</b>