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Mar 08, 2012 at 05:48 AM

Loading data via ODBC into HANA


Is there any way to load large data sets into HANA programmatically using the HANA ODBC driver? Something like a batch insert or bulk insert command.

Currently we are using single insert commands inside a transaction since HANA will not allow a semicolon in an OdbcCommand statement. This consequently rules out a multiple inserts statements within the same command.

We are using the HANA Odbc driver for .net environment. We have found that using a transaction with multiple OdbcCommands each containing a single insert statement is quite time consuming and takes several minutes to insert a few thousand records.

I am aware of the CSV import and that works quite well except that we are inserting data from a remote location and therefore have to ftp the files to the HANA server first which is not ideal.