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BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN not accepting unit of measure AU

Dec 27, 2016 at 02:18 AM


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Dear Gurus, i saw this post
i have the same problem...somebody have the solution??

i will be very grateful i have not been able to solve it.

Thank you

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2 Answers

Ronald Molleda Jul 21, 2017 at 05:12 PM

Hi Miguel, can you solve the issue? I have the same problem with the BAPI.

Let me know your results...

Best regards,


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Nic Teunckens Jul 23, 2017 at 08:37 PM

Is this Unit of Measure "AU" (or "LE") present in your System (trx. "CUNI"), is the first thing I should ask ...?
Next, see if converting the UoM to Input / Output value has a positive result (use BAPI "BAPI_CONVERSION_INT2EXT1" / "BAPI_CONVERSION_EXT2INT" on the UoM and see if it should be converted for your use) ...

Have you read SAP-KBA's 1860901 and 1837200 on this BAPI and Services. Check where and how "CL_ALM_ORDER_SERVICE" "IF_ALM_ORDER_SERVICE~MAINTAIN_SRV_HEADER" Methods are used when testing your current code ...

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Hi Nic.

Thanks for the reply, but in our case, we do not need to do a conversion of the AU unit to a unit of measure of time. I understand that the BAPI is forcing a conversion, but this should not be correct since to do so directly by processing the order with transaction IW31 or IW32, there is no error per conversion

Now the two notes indicated, are already applied in our system, since we are in a version of component SAP_APPL 617, in the level of support package 0011.




OK, so, have you raised the issue with SAP Support then? I suggest you do that ...