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May 23, 2005 at 08:12 AM

Executing/accessing workitem(approv./rejects on BSPage ) from Outlook



Could you plz guide me on the following requirement.

A request should be approved by manager. And its a BSP application. Both request creation and approval is through BSP pages. I understand we have to generate(from WF_EXTSRV) a WF Task with reference to Approval BSP page. And include the same task in the workflow. So whenever a request is created, a workitem will be sent to manager's SAP-inbox. so when workitem is executed approval BSP page will be opned in a browser where manager will either approvr/rejects[he will also provide reason on the page].

But the business process is such a way that manager will execute the workitems only from outlook.

So now my question is, workitem should be availble in outlook for manager's access. How a mail can be sent to manager's inbox with links to workitem, whenever a request is created. So that when clicked on the link, work item should be executed & approval BSP page should be open in browser. Manager will either approv/reject the request which is in process. And then manger's action should be sent back to workflow.

Please let me know what configuration is required in order to achive this requirement. let me know where can i find the help(URL) for this configuration.



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