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May 23, 2005 at 08:12 AM

JDBC->XI->File Mapping Problem


Hi everyone,

I have the mapping problem. atried a lot of possibilities, but unfortunately nothing helps... JDBC adapter returns (in my case - I'm just selecting SYSDATE from dual) this structure






I'm using 2 datatypes:

a, row (it is called so) which is complextype and consists of subelement SYSDATE, which is string

Exastly: row->SYSDATE

b, resultset (it is called so) is complex type which consists of subelement of type row(type a - see above) (and this subelement is also called row) ...and it has of course subelement SYSDATE, which is String (see the data type a above)

Exactly: resultset->row->SYSDATE

The data type b is used for the outbound interface in the message coming from the JDBC Adapter, the type a is used for message type sent into the File Adapter

(exactly: Message1String is the ResutSet Type(b), Message1String2 is the Row(a) type)

Can somebody help me, what is wrong? I do always get mapping error... :O(

Thanx, Peter