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May 22, 2005 at 07:50 AM

Web Dynpro with JDI


Hello everyone,

i installed and configured the JDI and all went well. So i wanted to give it a try. I setup a Product, added a SC at the SLD. I defined dependencies (SAP_BUILDT, SAP-JEE, SAP_JTECHS). I then created a track for this new SC and imported the needed SCs shown above into this track. So far so good. But after i imported the Development Configuration into the Developer Stuido i get the 3 SC shown though, but they do not include any DCs! They are empty. This results in 1519 errors in my development because non of the standard SAP Components is found...

these are the logfiles at the JTrans/CMS folder of the WAS Installation: (Using Stack 9!)


Info:Starting Step SDM-deploy
Info:empty list of archives for deployment: nothing done
Info:Step SDM-deploy ended with result 'not needed' 

<b>Repository Import:</b>

Info:Starting Step Repository-import
Info:Version  :NIGHTLYBUILD.20041020045900
Info:1. PR is of type TCSSoftwareComponent
Info:Version  :NIGHTLYBUILD.20041020045600
Info:2. PR is of type TCSSoftwareComponent
Info:Version  :NIGHTLYBUILD.20041020050200
Info:3. PR is of type TCSSoftwareComponent
Info:Step Repository-import ended with result 'not needed'

<b>CBS make (Build):</b>

Info:Starting Step CBS-make
Info:build process already running: waiting for another period of 30000 ms (2)
Info:no new deploy archives resulting from CBS make
Info:look at the <a href="http://XXX:50000/tc.CBS.Appl/servlet/archiveapi?METHOD=GET_REQUESTLOG&BUILDSPACE=ABS_Develop_D&REQUEST=5">CBS log</a> for details.
Info:Step CBS-make ended with result 'success' 

What did i wrong? And why says the repository import not needed??