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Dec 26, 2016 at 07:23 PM

Leave abap alv grid NORMAL


Hey there

I have a little problem when trying to leave the ALV grid. I'm using the normal alv grid (not oop). I don't know if I'm allowed to link screenshots (no sensitive information will be shared) but I think it will be beter to explain my problem.

That being said this is my situation:

I want to leave my alv and return back to my selection screen witch is screen 200 (see link one) I'm using the standard gui status provided by abap in the program SAPLKKBL (see link 2).

I've try the fallowing:

WHEN  '&BACK' " I've renamed the &FO3
   Leave to screen 200.
   set screen 200.

The above code gives the fallowing error (see link 3 & 4)

I've also tried using the fallowing:

WHEN  '&BACK' " I've renamed the &FO3
   * and 

the above code produces the fallowing bizar result (see link 5 & 6).

As you may have noticed the GUI status bar remains even when i leave the ALV. How to fix this. I've read something about using the free method but this was mainly aimed for OOP which I'm not doing and that process a whole new sets of problem :3

can anyone help?

Thanks in andvance