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May 21, 2005 at 09:36 AM

V Urgent : Linking SAP Supply Chain through ALE/EDI


Hi All

Am new to SAP supply chain , where in APO is being used by our client . They have just raised an urgent requirement of a position with ALE/EDI expertise for this supply chain project.

Can anyone give me some insight or any help please to my following queries :

1> how exactly APO (Sap supply chain system) will be needing ALE/EDI technologies?

2>How APO makes use of this EDI technology and what for ?

3>Is EDI /ALE technology only for interfacing with R/3 from APO isde? .

4> Does EDI /ALE technology on the APO system runs exactly same as that of R/3? . In other words , does same basics and function modules that we use in R/3 is used by APO too?

5> Does development in APO requires ABAP?

Please help me out of the EDI/ALE perspective that might be needed when you work on a SAP supply chain project .

Any inputs is highly appreciated and I promise to return and reward the answers which helps me indeed here

Best Reagards