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Placement Strategy : Open Storage

Dear All,

Appreciate it if you could shed light / clear doubts on the matter below:

1. For placement strategy Open Storage, is it a must to use it with storage section ?

The design is not firm yet -- in the event, i have a storage type 100, and plan to activate with this placement strategy, is it a must to use / have storage section ?

2. Take for example, under storage type 100, i only have 3 bins, with placement strategy Open Storage.

How will system propose the bins for storage ?

The Next Empty bin strategy, will always proposed the next available empty bin. So, how does Open Storage strategy works then?

3. SUT. Don't plan to activate SUT, for the Open Storage strategy.

What will be the implication on the warehouse without ths ?

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

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    Mar 06, 2012 at 09:02 AM



    Firstly all st types MUST have at least one st section, thats just the way it works

    Open storage is designed to only have one st bin per st section and these bins can contain multiple materials/batches etc

    To achieve this you allow mixed storage in the st type

    You then control the putaway with your strategies so for instance you can create a st section indicator per section and apply this to the material masters and all of the materials with this indicator will go to that specific section

    Of course you must remember that these bins will never be full

    There should not be any inplications if you dont use SUT

    SUT cab be used to 'seperate' the materials because if you have one bin and multiple pallets of the same thing and all of the characteristics are the same like batch number material number then 5X100 will become 500 the same as IM and you cannot distinguish them

    You could use palletization data in the WM 2 view but I am not sure if this will 'seoerate' the 'pallets' in open storage

    I hope that this helps


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    Mar 06, 2012 at 01:30 PM

    Hi Wan,

    For any storage type atleast one storage section is must.

    Open storage is generally used incase goods are stored in yard , or say container unload points.

    Storage section is nothing but a logical division in storage type. If you wish to work with Open Storage with 3 Bins, following way would be helpful.

    Create 3 storage sections & name it appropriately so that any operator can easily identify.

    You can do the markup in open storage physically & divide the area.

    Now treat each area as a BIN meaning you will have 3 Bins. You can actually put the names of BIN as section 1 , section 2 & section 3.

    Now you can create BINS with storage sections as 001 , 002 & 003.

    You dont need to create a storage section Indicator yet you need to define the sequence against Blank value in storage section search. If needed you can create those Indicators & maintain in Material Master 😊

    Now at storage type level maintain Storage section scheck active & system will do the rest for you. as in one section only one bin is available it would be proposed automatically.



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Pui Wan Lam

      Kindly read WM basics availble widely over Internet. You could also go through

      Well how SAP determines BIN :

      1) You have maintained storage types / storage section & Bins are available

      2) You have created storage type Indicators & data maintained in Material Master WM1 / WM2

      3) You have defined the serach sequent against Indicator (Storage type & Storage section)

      When TO is getting created system serach for the storage types mapped against the Indicator maintained in material master

      If storage section is activated system tries to serach for available BIN in Storage type & Storage section.

      If BIN not found system jumps to next storage type + storage section combination . This is how it works.

      Now in your case yu have 3 Bins ..001 , 002 , 003

      For exmple you have material 1100 , 2200 , 3300

      Storage type 100 (Open storage) ,200 , 300 etc & storage sections in 100 are 001 , 002 , 003

      Storage type Indictor XXX & storage section Indicator Y01 , Y02 , Y03 is created.

      You need to do the way described below.

      For material 1100 maintain XXX & Y01 , 2200 : XXX & Y02 , 3300 : XXX & Y03

      In Customisation storage serach sequence : XXX = 100 , 200 ,300 etc.

      storage section search Y01 = 001 , Y02 = 002 , Y03 =003

      Storage section check is activated for storage type 100

      Whenever Material 1100 will come system will always propose BIN 001 This is irrelevant of number of postings , you can create as many postings , if you try to take the material in 002 Bin , system will not allow unless you make chnages either in Material Master or in customisation.

      Say if Material 4400 can go in any section you can maintain Blank entry at storage section in Materil master & define one more sequnce in customisation ...."Blank "= Y01 , Y02 , Y03 . With such combination always BIN 001 will be proposed but you can overrite those values & take the material in any BIN with appropriate combination.

      I hope this clarifies your all doubt !