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May 20, 2005 at 06:48 PM

Add Char Condition to CKF ?


Hello Experts,

-- I have CKF1 which uses couple of KFs in its calculations.

-- Now the requirement says to add a condition to this CKF.

-- If the Material Type ZMAT_TYP (which is a atribute of ZMAT1)is 'ZF' then assign value 1 to CKF1 othewise do the usual calculations which is already present and working.

Wondering of the possible solutions

-- Can we use the Logical And in the CKF itself

-- Can we acheive this by doing variables

-- Can we use the conditons


-- CKF solutions not sure is possible since that Characterstic ZMATY_TYP is not visible in the CKF formula editor, only keyfigures are visible.

Wondering if you guys had any similar situation. Any ideas apprciated.

Many thx in advance.


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