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Former Member
Mar 05, 2012 at 03:57 PM

Company Upgrade from 8.82 PL01 to PL04 fails [table=@BA_STRN1]


Hi Experts,

does anyone else have problems with upgrading to 8.82 PL04 (from 8.82 PL01)?

The upgrade from 8.82 PL01 to 8.82 PL03 threw errors at Help-Upgrade, now with PL04 it has problems with the company db (table=@BA_STRN1)...

This comes from the upgrade log, it appears two times and then stops the upgrade process. (Rollback didn't work for COMMON database by the way...)

05/03/2012  15:32:37:560164 	Upg         	NoteLgAlw     	FromVersion=882062	ToVersion=882066	Starting the company 'SBODemoSCS' upgrade	TID=1576
05/03/2012  15:34:38:542352 	Upg         	Err           	FromVersion=882062	ToVersion=882066	table=@BA_STRN1, qurStr=UPG_UpdateOneTable() - error in GetFromTempTable() file:u3A64u645Cu7065u746Fu425Cu5355u424Du425Fu5C31u2E38u3238u525Fu4C45u535Cu4F42u385Cu382Eu5F32u4552u5C4Cu7041u6C70u6369u7461u6F69u5C6Eu624Fu4D6Au7267u505Cu474Fu6E65u3130u632E line#1855, errString=[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Zeichenfolgen- oder Binärdaten würden abgeschnitten.

@BA is a UDT from FixedAssets. The sql error in the last line means something like "string or binary data would be truncated", but I am not very familiar with chinese so please don't expect a translation for it 😉

Fortunately it is a testing environment, but as long as I cannot upgrade my testing environment, I won't dare to upgrade any customer system.

Any ideas appreciated, thank you.