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May 20, 2005 at 04:00 PM

Ticket Verifier for Lotus Domino R5 Implementation



We've a Portal server in intranet and a domino server which is open to world. I need to integrate Basic Lotus Applications with Portal. For this purpose I've done the following steps:

1. Installed Ticket Verifier as described in

NOTE: Have suspect about entering Internet Protocols - HTTP - DSAPI filter name. There is a default entry which looks that is says no filter is active. We didn't delete it, just pressed enter and give full path to c:\winnt\system32\ds_ticket.dll


2. appiled all steps for LDS-D Comp. installation as described at

NOTE: Also have suspect,because after doing all standart settings given in document, test to access http://<hostname>:<port>/<servletDirectory>/CalendarServlet return page not found (404) error. I gave /servlet as servlet directory both in domino and transport setting.

3. Created a database with name wmr_inbox.nsf which points to inbox of lotus.

4. my portal username is "hhbilgen" and i mapped this user to an existing lotus user "lotususer", also add "hhbilgen" username to lotus users username area.

5. When i display the iview it asks user/passwd.

My portals hostname is pordev and i added DNS suffix so it is Its ip starts with 172.*

my domino servers IP starts with 195.* and its hostname is

is there any wrong step or missed step that i have to check?