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Dec 26, 2016 at 03:49 PM

RFC Destination for outbound calls (ABAP calls JAVA)



I am going to call a java application from SAP system using SAP JCo 3.0. (Outbound call)

The link below helps a lot.

Setup and test SAP Java Connector outbound connection

I would have two questions at this moment:

1-) Our RFC destination is defined as it's explained above. When we press the Connection Test button, we are getting some error messages saying Communication_Failure.

Is this because we didn’t set Gateway Host and Gateway Service information in Gateway Options section? Do you know what can be the reason of it? (Please see below the screenshot of our RFC destination)

2-) We didn’t register our program id anywhere in SAP. (There is one comment in the link above saying “If you register the connection, it is only possible for the java program to connect. It will not start or connect the java program. So after creating the destination you actually need to start the java program – it will register itself – and then you can run the Ping.”)

What I understand is that we don’t need to register our program id anywhere in SAP. We just need to run our java application and it's going to register itself. Is this correct?

Can you please help me understand these two questions?

Thank you for your help




rfc.png (39.6 kB)