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Cancel/reverse archived material Document

Hi All,

We need to delete the third party sales order which was created back in 2003. For which PR was created which was further converted to PO and then business user did the GR and Invoice. Then PO line item was deleted and material flagged for deletion.

Now this sales order is lingering in Backlog report as open.

Now I took help from FI team to get the clearing documents reset and then i removed the Deletion indication from PO line items and remove the Deletion flag from Material master.

Now the issue is to delete sales order we need to reverse the subsequent document IV,GR.

But Material document is already archived. Is there any way to retrieve it and reverse it or any means to get rid of it from report.

Please throw some light on it.

Thanks & Regards,


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3 Answers

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    Dec 26, 2016 at 03:57 PM

    you cannot retrieve archived material documents, this is not foreseen. The menu is not active in SARA for object MM_MATBEL

    Was really everything wrong? I mean, if the PR was correct and a PO was created and a Goods receipt and invoice receipt was done, then why should correct business cases (from 13 years ago) be cancelled? This is not at all logic and would even harm your system and books . Your error is solely in the sales order. Why was the sales order not closed? missed someone to bill? If it was billed, then the status might not have been changed for some reason, which is probably hard to determine after 13 years and several upgrades and hot package implementations in such a long time frame.

    SAP has correction reports to correct the status of a sales order. Search for OSS notes

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    Jan 04, 2017 at 10:09 AM

    Hi Jurgen,

    Billing was not done and if you look at PO line items are deleted though GR and IV was posted. It should have been highlighted earlier. What do we do now to get rid of this from Backlog report. At line item level we have billing block: 3rd party billing.

    I found two reports sdvbuk00 sdvbuv00 which did not change the status of sales order. is there any other way , as we cannot reverse material documents which are already archived.

    PO cyscle is complete as Delivery completed Indicator is checked and GR IV all are sompleted

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  • Jan 04, 2017 at 02:38 PM

    As your sales order is not billed it is officially not a closed business case. So you can't really something that would close such documents in the middle of the process. Auditors would panic if such things would be possible, it would open the door wide for a fraud.

    So you can only help yourself with work arounds.

    One option would be to create bill to close this case. Subsequently create a credit note without reference to clear the customer account. Don't send any of the documents to your customer, this would just add more confusion.

    Another might be a report to break the relation, eventually the reports from OSS note 1080954 and 530351 are able to do this, otherwise you may need an own report (only use for documents outside the retention period) to switch the status or to break the reference between the documents. You need to a diligent test of both sides, whether you are able to archive PO and the SO.

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