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Mar 02, 2012 at 10:31 AM

creating a material with BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEREPLICA with forecast parameters


Hi Team ABAP,

in MM02 on view "Forecasting" there is a button "forecast values".

When you hit it a popup comes up, showing forecast values for some periods.

There is one value field open for maintainance. The field "Corrected Forecast Values (corr. FV)".

My requirement is to fill this field for the next 6 months. Problem is that we are using BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEREPLICA to create and maintain materials.

In its interface there is a parameter "Forecastparameters" of type BAPIE1MPOP.

Problem is even after watching it for a while, and as well looking at the base tables MAPR, PROP, PROW i dont even have the slightest clue how i need to give the information to the bapi so he does what i want.

Can anybody help me or give me some tipps about how to fill my table of structure BAPIE1MPOP to achieve this?

To be honest i didnt even find the value field in BAPIE1MPOP where i should write my value to.