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Mar 02, 2012 at 09:30 AM

setting of a SI datafield in ABAP proxy



We are using a ABAP proxy to file scenario. We created a service interface containing a XSD:Float datatype. The according destination field in the fixed length file is a float value with 17 characters.

From SAP ERP system i get the value 2.4539999999999999E1. So i cut in my FCC 9E1. I vent to our ABAP deveolper and asked to fill in to this field a suitable value. He told me, that he would write the value 2.4539 to the field and the format according my SI would tranform it to this value. In the ERP system the according datatype is FLTP with 16 char before and after the dot.

Where can i configure, that from my SI with the XSD:Float field just a "standard" float value will be defined?

Thanks in advance