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Mar 02, 2012 at 06:48 AM

GRIR Account Clearing


Hi All,

Our object is to clear the GR/IR account per vendor wise but not by line item wiseu2026

Scenario: Vendor having 10 Material Documents to be cleared to and Dr or Cr to another GL A/C with one line item..

For Example: In MR11 to clear GR/IR account it will clear line by line item and creates reverse entry line by line only but business is not interested in this manneru2026they want to write off all lines item to a vendor and post to another GL with single lineu2026.

For ABAP point do we have any user-exit or enhancement for MR11 where it should not post the reversal entry with line by line and to post it to a single account

Please Kindly Suggest / correct me and let us know the possibilities of meeting the requirement.

Kind Regards,