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Mar 02, 2012 at 05:34 AM

Screen navigation


Dear Experts,

I'm new to Abap and have a question concerning screen navigation: in my program I have a selection screen 0100 (created with SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF SCREEN 100...., and called with CALL SELECTION-SCREEN 100) then, when pressing Execute (F8) the logics works and present the result via WRITE statements.

Up to here, no problems.

Now I would like that, when I press 'Back' (F3), I'm returning to the selection screen, for new selections. Instead, if I press 'Back' I'm going really back to the SE38 transaction, for instance, and then I need to run the program again to have a new selection.

This is maybe a basic question, but I already searched on the internet without success, and I'm really frustrated not being able to find a solution to this.

Hope you can help me.

Best regards,