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Mar 02, 2012 at 04:25 AM

IP address of end user accessing web dynpro application


Hello All,

Below is my requirement in brief,

We have so many SAP GUI end users in the system and now because of the same, daily system admin have to unloack or reset the passwords of many end users.

Now requirement is to reduce this work of system admin by providing webdynpro link to indevidual end users to reset or unlock their passwors on their own.

Now everything is in place including rendom initial password generation in the web dynpro application and mail it to requester with CC to admin, so later; end user puts this initilized password in the SAP system and reset the same without intervention of admin.

But admin wants to have log that through which system; request to reset the password has been raised, now we have an option that we can give IP address of end user's system but after searching many posts there is no success to get logic as per the requirement.

I followed below link where requester has same requirement as what I have now but with no success,

[User ip address in Webdynpro ABAP;

Apart from above there are many link I followed but there is no success, please guide on the same.


Umang Mehta