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May 19, 2005 at 06:46 PM

IBM Common Store for SAP Implementation VS IXOS


Hello all, great idea for a forum.

We are currently choosing between IBM CommonStore and IXOS for our Image Repository, Document Attachment and Archiving solution.

Our team has extensive experience with IXOS and limited experience with IBM CommonStore and IBM Content Manager.

In a situation where 1000s of returned invoices and correspondences a day will be imaged and inserted into the repository and indexed into PS-CD we need to decide if the dollars saved in going with CommonStore will be spent getting our solution up to the integration level that is delivered with IXOS.

Does anyone here have experience with both or has anyone gotten CommonStore working up to a full production level with QA workflows and CRM viewing enabled?

Any experience getting CommonStore fully functional with a mass invoicing scenario?

Any help will be appreciated.