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May 19, 2005 at 04:37 PM

V Urgent : How to pass a variable from URL link in an email to BSP page ??


Hi All

I have a requirement where i have to send out internet emails from SAP R/3 to different users . While sending out email i pass an URL link to each user in the email body . Now i have a reqmnt where i should display different sets of informations to different users based on their HR data when they click that URL which i pass to them in the e-mail .

Any pointers as to how this can be achieved . ??

Myself thought of passing an url as something

http://.........../Info.htm?W_EMPL_NUM in the e-mail that i send.

I was thinking of passing employee no in the variable W_EMPL_NUM and attach that to the URL which i will send to the users . Then i should define W_EMPL_NUM in the page attribute o BSP page Info.htm . In the On Initialization event check W_EMPL_NUM and based on this make an RFC call to R/3 and gather info and display out the HTML page to the user . Thus from a single BSP page only based on the employe number which i get from the URL , i can gather various users' info and display ecah user their respective relevant data on HTML page .

Please guide me as to if this way i can achieve my result or not ? Let me knwo how else this can be achieved

Thanks in advance