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Feb 29, 2012 at 10:02 PM

MDGF Business Activity how to



I'm trying yo create a Business Activity for a Change Request for MDGF. I'm using NWBC to access the MDGF user interface. This Business Activity link should be shown under the Change Requests section in NWBC.

I'm creating/preparing this configuration on IDES ECC 6.0 incl. EHP5. By default no Business Activities exist in IDES for Financial Data.

I would like to have Business Activities for things like: Create Account, Block Account, Process FRS Hierarchy

What is Business Activity:

Enables users to create a single entity without having to create a change request beforehand in a separate step. The user also no longer needs to select the data model, the entity type, or the change request type. These are predefined automatically as part of the configuration settings.

Business Activity - A transaction that is associated with a change request and can be started from a user interface interaction, for example, a link in a workcenter.

So far, I've done the following 2 things:


ERP -> mdgimg -> Master Data Governance -> General Settings -> Process Modeling -> Change Requests -> Create Business Activity

Here I added a new entry with the following values:

Business Process: FIN1; Description: Create Account; Data Model: 0G


ERP -> mdgimg -> Master Data Governance -> General Settings -> Process Modeling -> Change Requests -> Create Change Request Type

I selected the row with my change request, on the left I double clicked "Business Activities" and added 1 entry - the BA that I created in step 1.

Now I'm stuck. I don't know what to do next in order to see this Business Activity in NW Business Client and so that it works too.

I'm a little bit wondering, why MDG for Financial Data doesn't have any Business Activities defined by default in EhP5?

What is the correct way to create a Business Activity and add it into NWBC? What is important to consider when creating a BA? Does the used Workflow (WS75700027) and/or assigned UI Configuration (MDG_0G_FINANCIALS) be modified too, how?

Best regards