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Feb 29, 2012 at 07:05 PM

Steps that I should consider while developing new workflow(s) in SAP CRM



We are implementing SAP CRM solution. SAP has provided limited number of standard workflows in certain business scenarios such as SAP CRM Grantor. So, we need to develop custom workflows (approvals and others) from scratch for Grantor Agreement business object including many other Business Objects. Basically I need to develop 2 level approval workflow process when an Agreement is created. So far, I have identified the Business object related to the Agreement. I would appreciate if you could clarify below questions?

1. Is it better to copy existing SAP Agreement Business Object (BO) to new ZBO or shall I just create new subtype for the existing BO?

2. Based on my requirement, I do realize that I need to create new methods/events/attributes to support my requirement. Based on the answers to question 1, I plan to create methods/events on new BO (which is ZBO) or new subtype of existing BO. Is this right approach?

3. As you know SAP CRM solution is BSP/Webclient UI/ABAP webdynpro based technology, the URLs are invoked to create objects such as Grantor Agreement. So, could you please help me understand or throw light on what are the sequence of steps (for example: creating new method/events, linking those events etc.,) that I should consider while developing workflows in CRM application?

I really appreciate your help!