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Feb 29, 2012 at 04:42 PM

F4 in SALV for own types


Hi all,

hope there is hope:

I love to use the CL_SALV_TABLE classes. It is very convenient that I don't need a field catalog.

Now I define a type, i.e.

  BEGIN OF ty_data,
  matnr                  TYPE mara-matnr,
  datefrom               TYPE eedmsettlunit-datefrom,
  timefrom               TYPE eedmsettlunit-timefrom,
  dateto                 TYPE eedmsettlunit-dateto,
  timeto                 TYPE eedmsettlunit-timeto,
  END OF ty_data,
  ty_t_data              TYPE TABLE OF ty_data,

When I (fill and) display a table defined like that using method DISPLAY of class CL_SALV_TABLE, I get a nice output. I have the small square indicating F4 help, but nothing happens if I press F4.

As soon as I define a dictionary structure with the same fields as in my TYPE, everything is fine, F4 works as expected.

Is this a SALV flaw or am I just missing something?

Thanks in advance for any qualified help - not for just the case I mentioned here but in general. I want the F4 work as it always works.

Best regards,