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Feb 29, 2012 at 03:53 PM

Logic behind dynamic Text Elements in BEX


We are trying to find out how BEx gets the "Last Cube Refresh Date." This can be added as a Text Element in BEx reports. What we are trying to do is determine which date is pulled when a BEx query is running agains a MultiProvider. We have one MultiProvider that consists of 3 Cubes and a DSO. When we run a query against the MP, and compare the "Last Cube Refresh Date" with the values stored in the 0BWTC_C07 cube, sometimes this date stamp matches one of them and sometimes it does not. I realize the times are offset for GMT and that is taken into consideration and we also realize that 0BWTC_C07 is not updated in real time. So our question is still, where does the BEx query get the "Last Cube Refresh Date" when it's run?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!