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Feb 29, 2012 at 11:26 AM

Variant UOM issue


Hi,I have Variant configuration issue please check and revert back as soon as possible.

In variant configuration I have two variant one is Length and other is color where I am putting length manually once it determine in sales order and select color from variant list.

Letu2019s take example, 5.5 M length manual entry and color RED selecting from variant list.

Now I have made two conditions VA00 for color automatic price determination from condition record and VA01 for length manual entry as it is manual length entry.

Now problem is, I m selling material in pieces so base unit is PC-pieces and sales order pricing should be in Meter.

In standard material selling length is 6 M so I have given conversion 1PC=6M and maintain condition record according is right..

In variant scenario length is not standard we can put 5 M,5.5 M ,4.2 M and so onu2026..

Even I m maintaining condition record for variant color I have to put standard conversion like 1PC=6M.It is not possible in variant scenario as length is not standard.

In this scenario I m putting manual length, color from variant list and selling material in pieces then how we will determine the price in meter.

Thanks in Advance