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Feb 28, 2012 at 11:59 PM

FI-CA and FI-CAX components - Are they redundant?


Hello dear FICA collegues,

I'm in a new project and I've seen a set up that I never experienced before and I would like to know if there's any risk or major point of attention that I should consider in this scenario:

1. We are a IS-U based project.

2. Our switch framework shows that we have active IS-U, FI-CA and FI-CAX at the same time.

3. IS-U and FI-CA components are running in EhP5

4. FI-CAX is running in EhP0

Now, we are planning to use some of the delta functionalities existing in EhP5... and I'm wondering if EVERYTHING that's realeased within FI-CAX is also released in FI-CA (meaning I don't have to keep both components at the same EhP level) or if I will need to upgrade both FI-CA and FI-CAX to EhP5 in order to have all the functions available?

Does anybody know if this set up is reduntant (FI-CA + FI-CAX) or if it's recommended to have both active and upgraded at the same version?

Thanks & Best regards,

Juan Carlos