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Feb 28, 2012 at 06:46 PM

Setup WF Condition Using Checkbox Value (Checked or Not Checked)


Developing a workflow where one condition step uses the value of a checkbox to determine the path forward.

Using a form senario and I bring the checkbox field in correctly using Name&Value binding.

When I execute the workflow I can see the value X in the container (when I check the box) and (when I don't check the box) the X does not appear in the container, so that part is ok.

Even when I check the box and there is an X in the workflow container, the condition step seems to be ignoring it. The condition step is setup such that &containerelement& = X (True passes one way and False the other).

Again, i execute the form with the box checked, look in the container in the import form fields step, and the X is there, yet workflow processes as if there is no value.

If I execute the form without the box checked it still follows the same path...

Issue is getting workflow to recognize the X

*My container elements are not set to either import or export - the boxes are both unchecked in the properties.

I didn't think this was the issue though because I have a previous condition step set up using the same pattern and it works fine.

Suggestions greatly appreciated. - Let me know if you need further information.

Ps I tried setting the value to EX or NX as I read from some other posts, but when doing that the workflow stops at the condition step and does not begin to evaluate the condition.