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Feb 28, 2012 at 12:28 PM

F-47 How to add PO reference fields


Hello SAP Professional

Sub: In F-47 How to add PO reference fields

Please let me have your inputs with reference to the following issue

1. For Assets Purchase, I entered first screen, in F-47, (down payment request) using SPL GL indication "A".

2. 2nd screen opens up; here Automatically GL account has come on the right hand side top.

3. In the same screen there are no fields for PO ref, PO item details to enter

4. Now my plan is, to change field status group (FSG) so that PO related fields will be available to user to enter

My doubt is whether for changing FSG, shall take ℹ️ GL accountu2019s FSG (point #2) or (ii) Posting key 39 Fu2019s FSG6.

Or Let me know any other methods are available to add PO related fields in F-47 (without changing FSG)

Advance Thanks

Regards / Thiru15