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Feb 28, 2012 at 09:53 AM

Can't filter by VIEW_TYPE = 'CALC' from SYS.VIEWS in rev. 23


Hi all!

Trying to select:

select * from views where view_type='CALC'

Getting the following error:

Could not execute 'select * from views where view_type='CALC''

SAP DBTech JDBC: [2]: general error: case(Boolean, BigInt, Boolean, NLocator)


Alphanum case(Boolean(&)([]), Alphanum(&)([]))

Double case(Boolean(&)([]), Double(&)([]))

Real case(Boolean(&)([]), Real(&)([]))

Decimal case(Boolean(&)([]), Decimal(&)([]))

SmallDecimal case(Boolean(&)([]), SmallDecimal(&)([]))

BigInt case(Boolean(&)([]), BigInt(&)([]))

Integer case(Boolean(&)([]), Integer(&)([]))

SmallInt case(Boolean(&)([]), SmallInt(&)([]))

TinyInt case(Boolean(&)([]), TinyInt(&)([]))

String case(Boolean(&)([]), String(&)([]))

NString case(Boolean(&)([]), NString(&)([]))

BinaryString case(Boolean(&)([]), BinaryString(&)([]))

Binary case(Boolean(&)([]), Binary(&)([]))

Locator& case(Boolean(&)([]), Locator(&)([]))

NLocator& case(Boolean(&)([]), NLocator(&)([]))

Longdate case(Boolean(&)([]), Longdate(&)([]))

Seconddate case(Boolean(&)([]), Seconddate(&)([]))

Daydate case(Boolean(&)([]), Daydate(&)([]))

Secondtime case(Boolean(&)([]), Secondtime(&)([]))

Timestamp case(Boolean(&)([]), Timestamp(&)([]))

Date case(Boolean(&)([]), Date(&)([]))

Time case(Boolean(&)([]), Time(&)([]))

The same is with select * from views where view_type like '%CALC%'

But the statement: select * from views where view_type='ROW' works, which is strange.

It happens on Hana rev.23. Can You please check, is this bug still remains in further revisions?

BR, Dmitry