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Feb 27, 2012 at 06:57 PM

Rush Order Scenario -GATP


Hello Everyone ,

Currently we have implemented only GATP which has allocation and availability check and running BOP with delivery priority as the higest sort sequence . Our current batch job for BOP runs everyday midnight . The current scenario is for eg like this

1) current date: 14th feb

request date : 13th feb

MAD date(from APO) : 17th feb

delivery date(calculated on ecc) : 19th feb

Now in this scenario the APO has send the material availability date as 17th feb but the user wants to do a rush order and send this order out today itself . How do we acheieve this functionality . One way we were thinking was to create a delivery doc for this which the problem is The delivery document would not be created immediately.

It would be picked up with the standard mid-day delivery document creation. If the changes were not done prior to the mid-day run, BOP would reschedule it before it has a chance to create Delivery Documents.

I very well understand that the user does this or selective orders hence it should be done on ECC end but is there any one who encountered this scenario and how did you deal with it .

Plz let me know if there is any smooth way of doing this .