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Feb 27, 2012 at 05:57 PM

IS-R WSM4L - assignment assortments to assortment module of type


Hi experts,

I have the problem once listing is done by transaction WSM4L (program RWSORT07L) many assortments are assigned too one assortment module (entries in WSOF). I expect that every layout module will get one assortment assigned.


An article is assigned to layout module Y100 (entry in MALG). Layout module is created from assortment Y100 (by using WSOA1) and both layout module and assortment are assigned to layout ALL (using WLAMN). Many layout modules and assortments are assigned to layout ALL. Transaction WSM4L is listing the articles correctly based on change pointers (MALG changes). New created articles are assigned to the correct assortment module. Problem I have is that once the assortment module is created or changed all other assortments (Y200 / Y300 / Y400) are assigned to this assortment module (WSOF-FILIALE) --> transaction WSO7. I have 100 assortments and every article getu2019s listed in all assortments (100 WLK1 entries for one article). I expect that when we assign one article to one layout module (Y100) the article getu2019s listed only in the assortment module (Y100) thatu2019s used by just that assortment (Y100) and not all other assortments.

Any idea how to solve this? Thx!