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Former Member
May 18, 2005 at 03:01 PM

Two Destinations problem


Hi all,

I am working on the scenario (Jdbc to SAP(Destination1) If Data is successfully sent to the SAP then i have to sent the data to the DataBase(Destiantion 2))

My BPM design as follows:

1)Recieve (recieve jdbc message asynchronous)

2)Send (send synchronous interface to SAP and get the response as a Jdbc message)(Destination 1)

3)Send (send response Jdbc message to the DataBase)

4)Switch (check the condition with repect to response(return) jdbc message Type = s )

5)Inside switch (For destination 2)

a) send (jdbc asynchronous message)

b) Transformation (Interface mapping)

c) Send (Jdbc data to the Destination)

BPM is being executed successfully upto 3rd step(i.e Successfully sent to SAP). But After that it is not executing.

Could anybody help me to solve this problem

Thanks & Regards,