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Feb 27, 2012 at 12:09 AM

a complex requirement


Hi BW + ABAP Gurus,

I have a complex requirement in my project and below is what has been asked by my client:

I have to write a routine to join one field of a DSO to another field but the following two DSOs cannot be linked because there is no unique key among them and hence they have to be linked with many dsos before joining the 2 DSOs.


> ZDSO_CON ( Final out put is i have a field called status which will decide the type of customer ( business or residential) which is present in ZSNC_DSO so this has to be linked with ZCON_DSO)

Following is the link:


Service notification num service notification CRM_ITM GUI CRM itm_gui

STATUS switch document Switch document Contract

Above are the key fields for each DSO. I need the logic and the code to JOin ZCON_D01 with ZSNC_D03.

Your help will seriously be appreciated and would be generously rewarded with points