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Feb 26, 2012 at 09:39 PM

DS 4.0 MSExcel adapter error


Hi all,

we have installed Data Services 4.0 in Linux SLES 11. It is a distributed installation with Data Services (job Server, Access server, Message Client, ODBC driver) on one server and DS integration to BI 4.0 on second server (DS Management Console and APS services).

The problem which I experienced is a problem with Adapters. When I successfully add MSExcel adapter and try to start it, the Data Services suddenly end up with an communication failure below:

2/24/12 10:45:58 AM Thread[main,5,main]         Unable to connect to job server '<hostname>:6600'. Error= Communication failure. ^M
2/24/12 10:45:58 AM Thread[main,5,main]         com.acta.adapter.sdk.AdapterException: Unable to connect to job server '<hostname>:6600'. Error= Communication failure.
        at com.acta.adapter.sdk.AdapterEnvironmentImpl.init(
        at com.acta.adapter.sdk.AdapterRunnerImpl.initAdapter(
        at com.acta.adapter.sdk.AdapterMain.main(

I am able to add other adapter and run them, the problem is only with the MSExcel. After the error occurs, there is no way how to stop or remove the adapter as in the DS Management Console you permanently see this error and only deleting of adapter.key and startup_script.xml on OS level resolves the issue. But than I have to recreate the whole Adapters again (and just for sure I created a new Job server again).

Any help is appreciated.