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May 18, 2005 at 12:16 PM

Java inbound Proxy: Error invoking method


Hi Group,

i have problems to call my inbound java proxy. When i test my scenario, i get always the

error message:

ErrorCode: GENERAL ErrorText: Error invoking method miTestProxyOutb of proxy bean $Proxy189:

Error invoking method miTestProxyOutb of proxy bean $Proxy189: ErrorStack:

The scenario looks like that:

SAP/R3->XI3->Java Proxy

For that i hava a simple function module on a sap/r3 with one request "I_REQUEST" and one response

"E_RESPONSE" parameter.

Further i have a own created synchruonus inbound message interface "mi_test_proxy_outb" with one request "I_REQUEST" and

one response "E_RESPONSE" parameter.

I've created from the message interface the java proxy and created a new EJB module project.

The class MiTestProxyOutb_PortTypeBean does have some commentars like following extract:


  • @ejbHome <{}>

  • @ejbRemote <{}>

  • @ejbLocal <{}>

  • @ejbLocalHome <{}>

  • @stateless


I've added this informations in the ejb-jar.xml like following extract:


<description>EJB JAR description</description>

<display-name>EJB JAR</display-name>














The implementation class MiTestProxyOutb_PortTypeImpl does have only one method: "miBmwProxyOutb".

Here is the extract:

public class MiTestProxyOutb_PortTypeImpl extends

implements MiTestProxyOutb_PortType{

public de.axentiv.sAPGPS.DtTestProxyResp_Type


mtTestProxyReq) throws,



de.axentiv.sAPGPS.DtTestProxyResp_Type test = new


test.setERESPONSE("Hello World");

return test;


catch(Exception ex){

throw new RuntimeException();




With that additions, i've generated my jar File and ear File.

The deployment on the WAS640 finished successfully.

I've registered the Proxy on the JPR also successfully.

Can anyone tell me or give me a hint what i've did wrong?

Any hint would be very apreciated.