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Feb 26, 2012 at 03:08 PM

BO XI 3.1 service pack 5 and BO DS 4.0


Dear All,

I am looking for suggession and feasibility following option. My customer has decided to go with Business Objects XI 3.1 SP5 and Business Object Data services 4.0. (OS AIX 6.1) Could you please anwswer some one the following calrification. Customer currently using BO XI R2 SP3 and BO DI 11.7.3, UNIX OS same machine. Customer going for a new hardware IBM AIX 6.1. Why customer is going for BO XI 3.1 is because all there 200 reports are in DESKI. They will slowly migrate to webi and then go for BO XI 4.0 in two years time.

1. Do we can Install BO XI 3.1 SP5 and BO DS 4.0 on a single machine AIX 6.1 ?.

2. If the answer is Yes, shoul I go and install in two mount points? Then I need to install WAS Tomcat for BO XI 3.1 and WAS Tomcat for BO DS 4.0. with different port number?

3. I understand that to Install BO DS 4.0 required either BO XI 4.0 CMC or BO information Platform services. Since I am not installing BO XI 4.0

I need to go with platform services. If so do we need a licence for Platform services seperately.?

4. Do any of you guys help getting more information on migrating jobs workflows, users etc from BODI 11.7.3 to BO DS 4.0?. If my option 1 is possible once I install BO DS 4.0 what are the steps to migrate the objects and users.

I am looking for a soonest reply. Thanks in advance