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Feb 24, 2012 at 10:29 PM

Ship To Location ID not updated in the SNC PO


Hi All,

We are using SNC for PO Collaboration for both Normal POs (Customer Location == Ship To Location == ECC Plant) & 3rd Party POs (Customer Location = ECC Plant, Ship To Location == ECC Customer). Now the requirement is the ship to location fields in the SNC PO should be correctly updated so that supplier can filter POs / ASNs etc., based on Ship To Location.

Now the issue is the ship to location is not getting updated in both the cases:

Case1 : Normal PO

I found an SAP Note # 1574380 which states that it will copy customer location to ship-to location if both the addressess are same. I am on SNC 7.0 Ehp1 where the Note is already available thru SP but still the Ship To Location is not getting updated. What could be the error?

Also, for a Normal PO, Customer Location address refers to the Ordering Plant Address but how does the Ship To Address gets populated?

Case 2 : 3rd Party PO

I CIFed the Customer used for 3rd Party Pos to SNC and maintained them as Locations (Did not create BPs though). But the RON XML for the 3rd Party PO has the following data related to Ship To:

1. <ProductRecipientParty>

<InternalID schemeAgencyID="RD1CLNT410">0000200709</InternalID>

I assume the above one is the Goods Recipient Partner?

2. <ShipToLocation> - Does not have the location ID. Only the address is available in the XML

As a result my 3rd Party PO does not have any Ship To Location Id assigned. However in PO details the address is correctly populated.

Can anyone explain how to overcome both the issues so that the Ship To Location ID field in SNC gets populated with Plant (Normal PO) / Customer ID (3rd Party PO)