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Feb 23, 2012 at 11:21 PM

Status Profile : Status not changing in CRM


Hi Gurus

Created order with header status as as " In process" , item status is defaulted to " open" and order replicatd to ECC , billed aswell . But when I checked in CRM still status not changing to completed but retains with In process at header level & open at item level.

I would expect order status should be completed at header level & Item level.

Is there any thing wrong with status profile settings at header & Item level? , I have created status profiles with following settings.

I have copied standard status profile " CRMORDER" and assigned to trasaction type and made following settings:

Under Open : following transactional contorl selected

To be distributed : Selected options "Forbidden " & No active

Under In process:

In process : Selected options " Allowed " & Set

Undo Rejection : Selected options " No infulence " & Set

Under Completed:

Complete : Selected options " Allow " & Set

Created status profile for Item i.e. copied standard CRMORD_i and made following changes:

Under Open : No transaction control selected

Under In Process :

Edit : Seleted options " No influence" & Set

Undo Rejection : Selected options " No Influence & Set

Under Completed:

Completed : Selected options " Allowed & Set"

Rejected : Selected options " Allowed & Set"

Actually we are using material which is non deliverable but should be billed, while creating order , I can see staus at item level is open and remains open even after billed in ECC. And also we are mapping Business activity reasons to order reasons in ECC.

Is any thing i am selecting wrong options in status profile at header level & item level? Much appricieated for solution.