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Feb 23, 2012 at 02:58 PM

Is it Possible to re-order the Decision Buttons via XML for the Travel UWL?


Good morning, I've searched the UWL forum (and others) on this topic and wasn't able to find an answer for my question, so maybe it isn't possible...On our UWL for Travel we have these decision buttons:

APPROVE, REJECT, and RETURN FOR CORRECTION (in that order). I would like to re-order the buttons to: APPROVE, RETURN FOR CORRECTION, then REJECT (I would actually prefer to move the REJECT button to the action buttons line if possible...I haven't tried that yet).

I've inserted the following property into my XML code for our task, but it seems to have no effect:

    <Property name="display_order_priority" value="5"/>

Can anyone help me out?