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Calculation view input parameter derived from procedure for currency conversion

Dear Experts,

I am trying to use an input parameter (of type derived from procedure) in target currency field for currency conversion. Here is what I have done:

1. Created a procedure in Scehma1 to get the logged in user's default currency and it gives correct output when called from SQL console

2.In a calculation view (Created in Schema2) - created an input parameter with type 'Derived from procedure/scalar function'. In procedure name chose "schema1".GET_USER_CURR_LOGUSER_AJ using search.

3.In aggregation node of calculation view, for NetValue field (on which aggregation is done) chose target currency as IP_TGTCURR i.e. input parameter defined in previous step. Defined other required values like exchange type, conversion date etc.

The view is activated without any error or warning but in data preview - raw data throws the below error

Why the error?

Am I missing any step here?

There are no input parameters to be mapped, only one output parameter that is user's default currency.



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