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Feb 22, 2012 at 03:11 PM

Accrual and Deferral


Hello gurus,

A contract was renewed and extended from 20.08.2011 to 20.08.2012. Up till 31.12.2011 accrual and deferral run was done and it was posting correctly as required. However for January ending 2012, it is not posting any figures. It says :

Accrual/Deferral; user 0OOLO01; mode Simulation

The runtime for posting process 1000/$1 was 00:00:00 hour(s)

Accrual objects created for 0 of 1 contracts

Contracts with existing accrual objects

REC 1000/1000000000007

Test run: No data updated

Periodic accrual performed for 0 contracts

I have checked Master data of contract to confirm that no errors exist and I have confirmed that no errors exist becasue I cross checked with another contract with the same parameters and which the accrual engine calculates figures for and posts for.

Please what is the solution to this. Correct answers would be highly appreciated and awarded.