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Dec 26, 2016 at 05:46 AM

Set XML Proxy to Error State : SRM


Hi All,

Proxy ServiceAcknowledgementInformation_In is triggering while creating GR from ECC through program RPODDELVRY. Duplicate GR's are getting posted to SRM side.

Requirement is to restrict the creation of duplicate GR in SRM and set xml proxy status as error.

I have created en enhancement spot before call of CALL FUNCTION 'BBP_SAPXML1_SUSCONF_BUYERCF_IN' ( inside the proxy) and restricting duplicate GR by adding check on database table BBP_PDBEH. and it is working.

The issue is even though it is not creating duplicate GR's , XML proxy is processing successfully. Is there any way to send this XML proxy with error flag.

Thanks, Arpita