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Feb 17, 2012 at 04:57 PM

HTTPIO_PLG_CANCELED error during call method http_client->receive



I have been searching this forum for HTTPIO_PLG_CANCELED error but unable to find a solution. I saw some discussions with this error but pertains to XI or Webservice. We are not using SI or PI anything as such. I posted this question in ABAP - General and did not get any response. Hence trying here.

We are trying to connect to https URL from ABAP and getting this HTTPIO_PLG_CANCELED error. We are getting this error during call method http_client->receive. I debugged SAP and find that it is making a C call and getting back this error. SAP is not givng more information other than HTTP Error code 110 - HTTPIO_PLG_CANCELED. We made sure that we checked in the following places.

1) SAP Cryptographic Library installed (check for PSE folders in transaction STRUST)

2) HTTPS service running in the ICM (check services in transaction SMICM)

3) Certificates loaded in standard SSL client/Server folder (transaction STRUST)

4) We have not set up any HTTP RFC destination since we are not using it.

It seems that this is SSL related. As soon as we specify 443, we are getting this error.

We restarted ICM, cleared cache etc. Nevertheless, getting this error. Any ideas ?